Two Owner Characteristics That Hurt A Businesses Growth

I’ve been helping businesses grow and prosper for a lot of years. Throughout the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with all kinds of companies, including companies that have been around for a long time and with new startup companies.

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Marketing, The Internet And Your Business … How To Increase Your Leads In Today’s Market Place!

While marketing principles haven’t changed for over 100 years — consumers still buy benefits and it’s still emotionally based — what has changed is the “medium” used for putting marketing strategies in place.

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Most Businesses Believe Their Website Should Be Able To Generate Far More Leads Than They’re Currently Receiving Each Month.

The Fact Is, They’re Right!

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When Smart Phone Sales Took Off — A Cell Phone With Internet Access — This Is When Things Really Changed! 

That’s right. With the explosion of the smart phone things really changed. This is where things really got interesting! Consumers now have the internet in the palm of their hands.

Check out how consumers are using their smart phone …

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Over The Past 4 Years There’s Been A Huge Increase Of “Backyard” Marketers.

Have you noticed how many phone calls and emails you get today for SEO, first page Google, websites, sms text message marketing and other online services?

Just 4 years ago you hardly got any. Today businesses are being bombarded with these calls.

Here’s what happened …

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Your Website Plays A Big Role, Likely Bigger Than You Realize, In The Overall Effectiveness Of All Of Your Advertising and Marketing, Both Online and Offline!

Today Your Website Is Center Of All Marketing

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Study Shows 68% of Businesses Haven’t Identified Their Sales Or Marketing Funnel … And It Shows!

Marketing has always been complicated, and has only become more complex over the last few years thanks to evermore empowered buyers, new technologies and a difficult economy that make navigating potential buyers and influencers in target companies harder by the day.

From 2009 to 2011 it’s gotten harder for businesses and marketers to generate leads. What is the biggest challenges businesses and marketers are faced with?

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