WordPress Specific Resources – Here Are A Number Of Programs, Plugins & Themes Specifically For WordPress We Recommend!

WordPress has become the website environment of choice for most website designers. Us included. That’s because it offers so many powerful features and thousands of Plugins and Themes to create the exact website you want.

What’s a Plugin?

It’s a special addition to WordPress that will enhance the WordPress application. Plugins include everything from email capture tools to programs within WordPress that offer a special feature or function.

Our Appointment Reminder service is a WordPress plugin. Most membership sites are a plugin.

There are so many amazing plugins available. Some are FREE and some cost money. 

There’s also theme’s. Theme set in place the website layout … it’s look, navigation, the layout of the home page and much more. Here again some are free and some cost money.

There’s a huge number of themes to choose from.

We’ll be building a list of some of our favorite WordPress plugins, themes and other WordPress tools on this page in no specific order.


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>> WordPress Plugins <<

Because we have such a large list of WordPress plugins available through WordPress, we created a separate page for them. View WordPress Plugins>>

WP Twin: WordPress Cloning and Backup System

WP Twin is a WordPress cloning program. It makes a complete backup of the WHOLE WordPress site. You’d want to clone your website if you ever want to move it to another folder or domain. Let me tell you, we absolutely love this software program!

The clone is also a backup of your complete WordPress site. Backing it up frequently protects you should it become corrupt or crash. It happens. In fact, it’s happened to us!

We backup all of our clients sites (those we’re managing) every month. This is the program we use!

Protect your WordPress site by getting WP Twin to back it up as often as you want.

WP Coupon Generator:

I love this plugin for my offline clients. With hundreds of uses for this, it’s a great service to offer your clients. Or you can even use it yourself to create urgency to purchase from you. Go check it out. By the way, this also works for mobile sites. Nice.

Easy Video Player:

We absolutely NEVER just embed a YouTube video onto a website, especially for a business. There are numerous reasons why we don’t with two of the biggest reasons being …

1) If they click on the video it will take them away from your website. You don’t want them to be directed away from your site.

2) At the end of the video it shows other video’s similar to the one you just watched. You absolutely do not want potential customers to see other video options of your competition. That’s not a very smart move.

One of the absolutely best website video players that most of the online businesses use is Easy Video Player.

Click on the image and see why. As you’ll see, it’s an amazing video player! You can even add a “call to action” button right on the video.

Contest Plugins

There are hundreds of ways to use a contest. And people love contest. The end conclusion is they generate a lot of leads, a lot of traffic, a lot of buzz around the contest and/or company, and a lot of income. Here are two contest programs to check out …

Contest Domination:

What I love about contest is they use social marketing strategies to build your list! You can run a contest for your business and watch how much traffic you get.

Contest Domination is ran from WordPress. Compared to Contest Burner (next), this is a lot less money.

Make sure you follow the “contest” laws in your state.


ContestBurner has been around for a while. It started as a Facebook App to build your Facebook list and has since evolved to now also run from WordPress. ContestBurner is the main player in this area, but they’re also the most expensive.

Plus, it’s only for one domain, not unlimited like it use to be. That means if you want to offer this marketing strategy to your customers you’ll need to purchase another license for them.

Make sure you follow the “contest” laws in your state.

Optin/Subscriber Plugins

I’m sharing a number of different optin/lead generating plugins here because we all have our preferences. What I may like, someone else may not. Or, based upon the project you’re working on you may have a specific idea of what you want.

WP OptinSkin:

With over 18 different designs, analytics and more, this is a nice optin strategy.

WP Optin Pro:

This is a plugin that greatly improves the looks of your optin forms on both your main website and your mobile phone compatible site. Fully integrates with your auto-responder!

WP Subscribers:

This is yet another approach to collecting names and email addresses. This particular program offers a lot of options. They say it’s the last Popup plugin you’ll ever need … The “All-In-One”, Swiss Army Knife, Smorgabord Optin And Popup Plugin For WordPress.

I have to say, it really is impressive. They even have a subscription referral system that gives subscribers referral points when they have others sign up.

You’ll want the Unlimited License for this program.

>> WordPress Themes <<

There are a lot of free WordPress themes. Unfortunately, the ones we’ve ran across don’t offer the layout and features we’d want and need for an offline business. Here are a few that we use…

  • ElegantThemes. This is a commercial theme package. You get access to all of themes for one low price. Our favorite theme here is Divi.
  • FlexSqueeze. This is the theme we use most of the time. It’s extremely flexible giving you control over fonts, colors and just about every other part of WordPress. It’s a responsive theme so it sizes down for tablets & smart phones.

One of the things we really like about both of these choices is the support. If we need to make an adjustment to the theme they show us how.