If You’ve Already Got A Marketing Team And Need Some Advanced Training Or You Just Want To Do It All Yourself …

We Offer Consulting!

While most businesses prefer that we handle everything for them, there are some businesses that either already have a marketing team that may need some advanced training or who just simply want to do it all themselves but need guidance.

It’s for these businesses that we offer consulting. We provide the following consulting services …

  • Maximizing your advertising to gain the greatest results from all of the marketing you do … watch your leads double from the same marketing dollars!

  • Offline marketing strategies … Offline marketing is not dead, but the game has changed so here we show you how to maximize your offline marketing in today’s market place.

  • Creating an online presence the right way (this goes way beyond just a website). To create an online presence that allows you to dominate your market place, there are a lot of pieces that must come together … we’ll explain them all to you and show you how to put the pieces in place.

  • How to create a website that turns visitors into leads … Learn the 9 key marketing elements that must be in place if you want your website to turn website visitors into leads. Keep in mind, the high majority of people who go to your website go there because they are either wanting to do business with you or they are wanting to do business with a business like yours.

  • Process marketing … one of the most powerful marketing strategies in existence! This is a must for sales oriented businesses.

Many of these services combine numerous products or services together. We also consult on individual services like:

  • Display ads,
  • Fan Pages,
  • Website design,
  • Website traffic strategies,
  • Online listings and directories, and much more

Whether you want to have us teach you and training you these services or just simply want us to do it for you, we can accommodate your needs.

In addition, we also do a lot of training for consultants who offer online products and services to offline businesses. Many of these consultants don’t fully understand the the offline world and the uniqueness’s of the offline business, or how to intermingle online services and offline tools together.

We have become a key source of training to help these consultants to help them provide a higher level of products and services to offline businesses.

For more information about our consulting services or to schedule an appointment to discuss consulting with your business, contact us. Our information is at the top of the page on the right side.