There’s One Ultimate Purpose Behind Marketing … To Generate Sales!

Because Remember, Marketing Creates Sales, Sales Create Cash Flow, and Cash Flow Is King!

Take a look at a few of the solutions we offer and services available through On-Off 360 Marketing, LLC …


Mobile Marketing

With the explosive growth of smart phones, you’ll really want to capitalize on this market place! There are numerous marketing strategies around the mobile phone. More information>>

Display Ad Maximization

With today’s technology via the internet there is an amazing strategy that will allow you to maximize your display ads. This is everything thing from ads in newspapers and magazines, billboards and any where else you’d put a display ad. In fact, this is one of The Most Powerful Lead Generation, Customer Acquisition System Available! More Information>>

Google+ Local / Yahoo Local / Bing Local

When a consumer searches for a local business via the search engines they’ll see a group of local businesses. This is the search engines approach to make it easier for consumers to find a local business. Today, this part of the search engine’s results page from a search is the #1 place for a business to be listed to drive traffic to your website and increase your leads.

This is a very effective online listing strategy considering how many people use search engines to find a local business (Google is #1). However, with just about any online strategy you’d put in place your reputation score and the reviews about your company play a huge role. Here’s an example of the Google+ Local results for “Chiropractors Spokane”…


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Is In Big Demand Because It’s So Effective Today!

We have all been told how important referrals are to our business. Social media marketing is getting people to recommend your company and/or products to their family and friends. It’s also about engaging with your customers. There are a number of very effective strategies with social media marketing. More Information>>


Online Reviews & Your Reputation Score (#1)

After the major changes took place about a year ago, your reputation score and reviews about your company are now showing up everywhere on the internet. You can’t hide from it because your reviews show up on all areas of a search engine, at directory sites and at review sites.

With 70-72% of consumers trusting online reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend or family member, having a 5-star reputation score can send you pre-sold customer while having bad reviews or no reviews will push consumers to a competitor of yours.

Today the first thing we put in place for a client of ours is a full reputation marketing strategy to build them a 5-star reputation with a minimum of ten 5-star reviews (at least 5 more than comparable competitors). More Information>>

Marketing Driven Website (#2)

Your website is a very important part of your overall marketing & online presence. With so many things pointing consumers to your website, your website is your #1 marketing asset today.

You can start out with a professional basic website and then add the key marketing elements to your website as sales come in. Learn more>>

“The 9 Key ‘Marketing’ Elements To A Lead Generating Money Making Website“… Our Top Selling Course!

Creating a marketing driven website will significantly increase your leads and sales! It affects both your offline advertising and your online strategies. You can put the pieces in place yourself with our very popular course or you can hire us to do it all for you.

Video’s Are Compelling

Video is 262% More Effective Than The Written Word … It’ll Compel Consumers To An Action A Lot Faster! There are numerous ways to use video and numerous different types of video’s you could have created for you to improve your image and increase your leads. More Information>>

Mobile Website

When you make it easy to do business with you, it keeps consumers who are in a hurry from going to a competitors business who has made it easier to do business with them.

The reality is, PC based websites are very frustrating to smart phone users and their little 4″ x 3″ screens, how iPhones can’t view flash, and how PC based websites download a lot of data while most smart phone plans are based upon how much data they use each month.

In today’s market place, you need to have a mobile phone compatible website. Go here for more information>>

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not a very effective “lead generation” strategy but it’s one of the best sales support strategies. Email is highly recommended and extremely effective at moving leads and prospects through the sales process, for nurturing leads, for up-selling and for cross-selling. Email marketing done right will easily double your revenue.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Many marketers who are calling local businesses about online marketing are pushing SEO, or said differently, getting your businesses website onto the first page of the search engine for the keyword search your consumers would use to find a business like yours. But, the high majority of marketers are putting this service in place WRONG!

The sole objective of this service is to drive consumers to your website. Therefore, prior to putting this service in place there are two things that must be put in place first (prerequisites):

1) You must have a “Marketing Driven Website” because it’s your website that does the heavy lifting of converting a website visitor into a lead, and is the #1 thing that is dropping the ball when it comes to generating leads for your business.

2) You must have a 5-star reputation with at least 10 glowing reviews because your reviews and reputation score — along with your competitors — are right there for the consumer to see when they do the search.

SEO is one of the most expensive online services you’ll purchase. Therefore, to maximize your dollars you need to put the two prerequisites in place first. With those two services in place first you’ll see a huge increase in leads.

Over the past few years, creating a first page organic ranking has become 2nd to the next service…

Google+ Local / Yahoo Local / Bing Local

With the search engines making major changes to the results page consumers see after conducting a search to now include a special “Local Results” area on the search engine results page, it has made it a lot easier for consumers to find a local business. However, there are very specific strategies and steps a business must do to get their business listing on the first page of these listings. Being on the first page is like having a full page ad at the front of your category in the yellow pages … it’s very effective.

And just like with SEO, you must have the two prerequisites … a marketing driven website and a 5-star reputation to fully capitalize on this service.


Stationary, Business Cards, Postcards, Table Tops & More… Get Your Marketing Pieces Created & Printed

Your image is very important! Businesses need professional looking stationary, business cards, marketing pieces and even Quickbook invoices.

Need a logo created? We can do that too. Take a look at all of the options available… Learn more>>

Video’s Improve Your Image

A video will give a small company that big company image. More Information>>

Your Website

Your website represents your company a lot like your brick and mortar business does. It’s what many consumers initially see and judge you on. One page “here we are” websites don’t cut it. Using the wrong graphics can affect your image.

Don’t see what you need on the list or from the pull-down menu above? Contact us … we haven’t listed everything we offer.

For example, we didn’t mention that we also offer:

  • Market Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis: Comparing your marketing position to your competition.
  • Strategically designed Marketing Plans customized to the demographics of your clients
  • And much more.

Contact us today and let us help you to out-sell and out-market your competition.