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Ring Central VOIP Business Phone System

We love RingCentral! And we’ve recommended a lot of businesses to purchase it which has saved them a lot of money each month while offering them a full PBX phone system. Here are a few of the features we like the best…

  • It’s crystal clear.
  • We can set up the bandwidth for each user so phone calls are always clear with no interruptions.
  • Call transfer
  • Conference calling
  • Perfect for people who don’t work in our office … other locations or work from home. Just install on their computer. They are just an extension on our system.

Business Productivity

The Automated Phone Log System

The Automated Phone Log System automates your phone messages. This is a business productivity system. Check this out…

  • Most fields are filled with 1 key stroke, unless there’s more than one choice starting with the same letter. Then it might take 2. Data entry is fast!
  • Records are saved to the database. When someone calls back, just select their record … no re-entering info!
  • With smart phones and cell phones, staff can receive their messages anytime, anywhereno need to come to the office or bug the receptionist!
  • You can email the message or send a text message to a cell phone!
  • No more waiting for a message. If you’re in a meeting, no more interruptions. No more coming to the office for messages. And no more interrupting the receptionist for messages.
  • If you need to handle the message later, it’s in your email or on your phone for easy retrieval.
  • Forward it to someone else to handle if you can’t.

You have so many more options over those paper phone messages, or just sending emails. How about this…

  • Have you ever lost a message and needed it resent?
  • Needed to go back 6 months or more to find a message?
  • Wanted to know how many times a person has called in or wanted to see their last 3 call ins?
  • Wanted to track the types of calls you’re getting?

No problem, they’re all in the database. Just do a search for the message you’re looking for. You can also run phone log reports and a category report to see the types of calls you’re getting. You can stay on top of your inbound calls!

As you’ll see, the Automated Phone Log System is a time saving, business productivity system.