Our Online Educational Events Are Jam Packed With A Ton Of Valuable Information. That’s Why They Are Generally Filled To Capacity So You’ll Want To Join 10 Minutes Early To Secure A Spot!

Information is power, and the key to success for any business is based upon how effective you are at driving customers to your business, otherwise known as “marketing”.

Marketing is what separates businesses that just get by and businesses that are wildly profitable!

We’ve been studying marketing and using innovative marketing strategies for our clients for the past 25 years. Bluntly, we know a lot about marketing.

In the world of marketing, there are a lot of different facets to it …

  • Lead Generation Marketing where you’re just simply trying to get people to contact you with an interest in what you’re selling. Unfortunately, most businesses do this wrong!
  • Process Marketing which complements the sales process. This is a marketing strategy you use with existing prospects that moves them to purchasing from YOU and nobody else! This, by the way, is the most powerful marketing strategy there is, yet less than 1% of businesses use it. Why not?
  • There’s marketing strategies. A strategy is your approach. This could be direct mail, social media, TV and so forth.
  • The market piece. In just about every part of marketing there’s a marketing piece that’s included in it. This is one of the most important parts to everything you do marketing. Consumers need to be compelled, which is the job of the marketing piece.
  • Making doing business with you easy. The easier it is to do business with you the more sales you make. What are you doing that’s making it harder for consumers to do business with you in today’s market place?
  • Sales teams are part of marketing. Are they being as effective as they could be? What could you do to complement their efforts and make their job even easier?
  • Business Optimization which is maximizing each customer and making sure they continue buying from you month after month, year after year and that they’re buying other products from you.

And the list goes on and on.

We are continuously doing online events, otherwise called a webinar. They cover many different aspects to marketing.

Of all of the webinars we’ve done, currently there’s one that has been the most popular. Learn what all the talk is about when it comes to creating a marketing driven website that’s exponentially increasing your leads and sales. Everyone’s talking about …

“The 9 Key ‘Marketing’ Elements To A Lead Generating, Money Making Website”

Our online events are jam packed with key information that help businesses compete in today’s market place. This particular online event is one of our most popular.

That’s because it’s educating businesses with key buying patterns and research strategies that today’s consumer is doing. By understanding today’s consumer it allows the business to make adjustments and improvements in their marketing approach to attract today’s consumer! With the power of the internet, it’s a new playing field.

Periodically we put on a live online event introducing the 9 Key Marketing Elements. This is an important topic for today’s business because today the majority of consumers will check a businesses website when they receive promotional information from them, or when they’re considering doing business with them.

83% Of Consumers Are Influenced By A Business’ Website To Contact The Business!

This makes your website your most important marketing tool. Far more important than a lot of business owners realize.

The consumer see an advertisement you placed in a magazine, newspaper or where ever and they look for your website to collect more information. And with smart phones they’re able to do their research 24/7 from just about any place.

What are these consumers looking for?

This is one of the things we’ll cover at the live online event. We’ll also cover what they’re not looking for … this may really surprise you!

In addition, we cover …

  • The evolution of the internet and how it’s affecting you. And be clear, it’s affecting you a lot!
  • We’ll talk marketing and cover things like …
    • How to increase your advertising leads by up to 1,000%
    • How to turn 2 times to 20 times more website visitors into leads
    • The 4 key building blocks to building a business
  • We’ll be introducing the 9 key marketing elements to create a lead generating, money making website

When we do these educational events, the majority of times they are filled to capacity.

That’s because businesses are struggling today.

Plus, what business wouldn’t want to increase the return on investment from all of their advertising and generate significantly more leads and sales from their same marketing efforts and dollars?

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