There Are Two Highly Important Marketing Pieces That MUST Be Put In Place Prior To Doing Anything Else!

Failing To Put These Two Pieces In Place Can Greatly Affect All Of Your Marketing Efforts! Are You Willing To Lose Up To 80% Of Your Leads & Sales?
Unfortunately, most business's have no idea they're losing so many leads and sales until they fix these two key marketing support pieces and then get bombarded with a huge increase in leads and sales! It's a real wake-up call.
Creating A Highly Respected Brand Name & Reputation
People are talking about your business

Your clients are talking about you all over the internet. What are they saying? Are they giving you glowing reviews or are they destroying your good name?

Your credibility and reputation is everything! The problem is, things move fast on the internet, especially negativity. 

One negative review or write up about your business could have devastating results. Having no reviews can be just as devastating. What we do goes way beyond just reviews because there’s more to creating trust than just reviews.

Putting In Place A "Marketing Driven" Website
All Marketing Points Back To Your Website

Almost all of your marketing sends prospects back to one place... your website! Is it a marketing driven website or an informational website? One will generate lots of hot leads and the other won't.

Because of the internet, it’s caused many major changes to how we help businesses with their marketing. It's also a process of understanding how different things like your website affect your overall marketing. 

One thing is very clear … the high majority of everything you do in the way of marketing, both online and offline, directs consumers to your website.

That makes your website your most important marketing tool today.

The problem is, very few– less than 5% of marketers– know how to turn your website into a marketing driven website. There’s very few things you can do that will pay you back in increased sales at the level this will for you!

Other Services By On-Off 360 Marketing, LLC...

Lead Generation Marketing

There are many different ways to generate leads. But if the marketer doesn’t understand the offline business and offline marketing intimately they won’t create great success in generating leads. Plus, you must know these two things in order to effectively build in online strategies.

The better approach is to analyze your business and the demographics of your clients to establish the most ideal approaches for your specific business.

Customer Maximization

Now that you have customers it’s time to put in place customer maximization strategies. What is customer maximization?

It’s making sure they continue to purchase from you. It’s up-selling products and cross-selling other products to them, and it’s making sure they’re doing repeat purchases from you of products they are continuously purchasing.

There are many facets to the mobile market. There’s a mobile phone compatible website, text message marketing, QR code marketing and more.

Mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing areas in marketing because of the continuous growth of smart phones. For more information about mobile marketing and how your business can capitalize on this very fast growing market place, click the header above.

Study after study shows video’s are far more effective at moving a consumer to a decision than the written word. Here are some statistics about video’s for sales and marketing:

  • Video speeds up the decision to buy by 72% vs. print
  • Video can increase your sales by 400%
  • Video is 262% more effective than the written word

Learn more about how video can help you in your marketing and growing your business, click the header.

You can easily increase the effectiveness of your display ads and generate SIGNIFICANTLY more leads.

Introducing the most powerful lead generation, customer acquisition system available!

Did you know this …

Consumers Trust Offline Advertisements More Than Online Marketing Sources?

It’s true. (Not including referrals or online reviews.)

Thanks to the internet it’s opened up a whole new set of tools that’s allowed us professional marketing firms to increase the effectiveness of your offline marketing strategies.

To learn how we combine an online strategy with offline display ads to increase the leads generated from your display ads, go to “Ad Maximization“.

General Marketing

There are many facets to marketing. So far we’ve only touched on a few of the more popular services we offer here.

While most every business could benefit from a service like having a “Marketing Driven Website“, how you put it in place is specific to a business and the demographics of their customers.

This is consistently true with just about every marketing strategy being put in place.

For example, there are a lot of different ways to use email marketing. The key is to design it so it complements the overall strategy. Plus, you want it focused on your market place.

We provide many different services in the way of marketing. Just ask

Branding Your Business...

A logo is an important part of your branding strategy. You use it on everything from your website to stationary to envelopes to invoices. Literally everywhere. You want consumers to associate YOUR business with your logo.
As part of your branding strategy, there’s a number of other print items you’ll want designed and branded to your company. And just wait until you see the low price to get your items printed. You can even have us place the order to have your current materials printed giving you a better price and a higher quality of paper and ink.
We offer a number of services, all customized to the specific needs of the business we’re working with. For a larger list of the services we provide go to “Our Services and Products” page (click on header).
Over 32 Years Of Studying, Applying and Mastering Marketing... We Create Results
Our Lead Consultant and Founder of On-Off 360 Marketing, LLC Has A Tremendous Amount Of Experience Backed With Measurable Results...
Lead Consultant
Lead Consultant for On-Off 360 Marketing
32 years, since 1984, of studying and mastering offline marketing
Have helped hundreds of local businesses generate millions of dollars of revenue
We offer an exclusive 3-Point Marketing Approach
Uniquely, but key to your success, everything we do is specific to your business and the demographics of your buying public... We only recommend the strategies that make sense for your business.
Even though we're masters at Lead Generation Marketing, we teach and do far more than just Lead Generation Marketing
We teach the 4 Key Building Blocks to building your business... take advantage of all 4 and you'll grow exponentially!
We create results because we intimately know offline marketing and we know how to blend in the internet based marketing tools to create a more effective well rounded marketing approach for your business.
Why Are So Many Businesses Using On-Off 360 Marketing?
We study marketing, buying patterns, demographics and optimization strategies. There are many reasons why businesses take advantage of our experience. Ultimately, it's because we create results... more leads, more sales, maximizing marketing dollars, getting more bang for the buck and more!

We Get Results!
It's the most important part of anything you do marketing... getting results

We Have A Lot Of Experience
Offline marketing is what we've studied and have done since 1989

Exponential Growth
There are 4 key ways to build your business, any business. Building a business is so much more than just lead generation marketing.

We Get Results
I know, we've already said this. But it's so important, and the difference between us and so many other marketing consultants, we had to say it again.